Woman Sends Powerful Message Of True Beauty By Allowing Others To Shave Her Head

“Our depth of beauty, like the ocean, is immeasurable by the surface.”

That is the powerful message that Jae West – a young woman and a social activist wanted to share to the world by giving people the permission to cut or shave her hair right in the middle of Time Square.

People spend an exorbitant amount of money to pay for a good haircut.

But why would Jae West do that?

jaewesthaircutTo spread the message that beauty isn’t dependent on our external appearance.

The media spends millions of dollars on advertising each year telling us that we are not beautiful.

That we fall short from the standards of perfection.

That we have lost the genetic lottery and are far from beautiful.

That is the shallowness of the mainstream media.

It is time for us to choose to celebrate and love our one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable uniqueness and see the beauty that is ‘inside’ rather than what society deems to be beautiful for external beauty is only temporary – eventually we will all turn to bones and lose all traces of beauty like a blade of grass blown away by the wind.

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