Turning Mars Into Another Earth


Global warming, natural disasters, over population and other planet wide problems are making more and more parts on planet earth one step closer towards uninhabitability.

Should the worst happen, what would you do?

Would you like to live on a brand new planet, just like earth?

Or would you stay behind?

Colonizing other lands has been the predominant thoughts of pioneers and it is the natural tendency for people to want to increase their choices.

It is live being given a blank sheet of paper to create something new – a fresh start for humanity.

Therefore mankind has dreamt about colonizing other planets and the most likely candidate is our next door neighbor – Mars.

Right now, the environment may seem too hostile for humans to survive… but lots can be done to terraform the planet.

For starters, by detonating thermonuclear weapons on the poles of Mars, we could melt the frozen CO2 and create a new atmosphere.

An atmosphere will help the planet to trap sunlight and warm the planet and cause the polar icecaps to melt – further increasing the temperature.

But what about the ecology of Mars? Is it habitable for plants and other lifeforms?

Thankfully we have Bio-engineered creatures which could be deployed to change the make-up of Martian soil and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Even comets and asteroids could be redirected to collide with the surface of Mars and provide more heat upon impact as well as water coming from the ice that these asteroids carry.

Even COmachines can be deployed to further build the atmosphere and giant orbital could focus sunlight towards to poles and release massive amounts of water trapped there.

The result? Another earth…

Another earth where we can call our home.

Another earth where we can give our children a better future.

Mankind may not be the best at treating the old earth, but another earth will give humanity a second chance to right the wrongs of the past.

The good news is – mankind is ready to move towards the path of self awakening.

As a species, humanity is starting to realize that what they have been doing to the home planet was more as a result of ignorance rather than willful malice.

The individuals who are still indulging in that form of malice are starting to be pushed back by awakened individuals who want to save the planet for the next generation.

Even the intention to build another earth is a noble idea because it is a wake up call on a collective level to right the wrongs of the past.

Another earth reminds us that the human spirit is willing to go to great lengths to create goodness in the universe.

Another earth could be our chance… to build a better future, on this planet and others out there.

From The Editor
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