The Illusion Of Elitism And Social Order

Most people are familiar with the concept of hierarchical social constructs.

In every society in time, there will always be the elite or the noble class and there will always be the common or the peasant class.

Although people are aware of the distinction, sometimes it could appear to be an illusion that keeps the cogwheels of the world turning.

There is a movie called ‘Snowpiercer’ starring Chris Evans and it talks about the illusion of elitism and social order.

The premise of the movie talks about a post-apocalyptic world where in a noble attempt to save humanity from the final stages of global warming, the tool meant to save the world through climate engineering (cooling the atmosphere) turns the world into a frozen grave.

The only survivors are the few who lives on a specially engineered train that travels around the globe using a ‘perpetual motion’ engine.

On this train, two distinct classes form the social order.

One group lives within the ‘front’ of the train and they are the elite of the society staying in luxurious accommodations, living a hedonistic life and feasting on gourmet food and they are all led by the leader of the train – Wilford.

The other group lives within the ‘tail’ of the train living under terrible conditions and are overpopulated.

Chris Evans’ character – Curtis is the leader of a rebellion of the tail.

They fight their way to the front of the train believing that they will take over the train and be free from the tyranny of Wilford and the ‘front’.

Throughout their journey, Curtis fights his way to the front through insurmountable odds as well as faces his own demons and bitterness towards the elites only to come to a shocking realization when he finally meets Wilford face-to-face.

Wilford explains to Curtis that it doesn’t matter who is the head or the tail – they are both stuck on the same train.

The role of the head or the tail is of little importance – it is more of a survival mechanism of every single person on the train to play according to their roles.

This movie reveals a very realistic comparison between the social order in real life and that elitism is merely an illusion.

Both the ‘front’ and the ‘tail’ of society are both on the same ‘train’ which is planet earth.

Control structures are set in place as a co-creation between both the elite and the common so that everyone functions according to their role and the earth keeps spinning.

One faction cannot survive without the other if one gets rid of the other.

Now the question is, instead of focus on the front or the tail, can one focus on things happening outside of the train?

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