The Difference Between Eliminating Poverty And Scarcity


Poverty is rampant in today’s world of abundance.

The ideology of poverty is very different from the ideology of scarcity which will be addressed later in this article but for now, the ideology of poverty can come in different forms such as homelessness, unemployment, crime, violence, starvation and many more…

When you look closer, these are  symbolisms of a deeper problem in modern society.

We can’t blame people for being blind to the poverty in the world.

We are too busy focusing on our ‘first world problems’!

(Some people can’t live without their smartphones for a couple of minutes when a third of the world doesn’t own a smartphone!)

First world problems blinds us to the real issues of poverty going on in the world because a person’s relationship to water will always be different depending on if they are living in a place with running tap water or not.

In other words, we need to understand this quote from the late Stephen Covey of the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’:

The way we see a problem is the problem.

In order to tackle poverty and create a better future for mankind, one has to develop a new paradigm when examining the current social system.

For starters, the monetary system has to be reexamined.

Money, in and of itself isn’t evil because it is a convenient way to exchange goods (compared to the barter system).

However, any good thing can be abused because of a mindset problem (or the way we see the problem of having ‘not enough’…) – this is the key difference between ‘poverty’ and ‘scarcity’.

compassionate-capitalismFor example, compassionate capitalism, where a boss creates good jobs and opportunities for growth for his staff is a good thing.

However, greedy capitalism is where the boss exploits his workers to ‘milk’ them out of every penny he or she can squeeze out of them.

Capitalism in and of itself once again, isn’t wrong – but how we use it.

Here’s another idea to consider:

Scarcity breeds fear and greed.

Imagine if there is only one apple to share with 10 hungry people… what would happen?

scarcityNow imagine if 1 out of those 10 hungry people hordes 99 apples, giving the illusion that there is only one left, and sneakily offers to sell that last apple at a very high ‘premium’ price…

That is artificially engineered scarcity or poverty.

It is greedy capitalism at work.

(In other words, you can be financially rich, but have scarcity thinking and you can be financially poor but have an abundance mindset.)

Therefore questioning the causality of poverty will help us to see how capitalism can be abused and how we can use capitalism responsibly to eliminate poverty.

People can be forced into poverty through social economic policies… but having a mindset of abundance, will get you out of poverty – no matter if you are living in a poor country or a developed one.

Take a look around the world – there are many countries in the world that have people who are not even making anywhere close to America’s minimum wage, yet there are many citizens who are abundant and have the inner knowing that they have a enough.

We can also take a close look at the distribution of resources – how is it possible that millions are starving when there is an abundance of food in first worlds and even more wastage?

Look at the housing market…

There are also many homeless people even though the many rich people buy up properties that are hardly ever inhibited.

In the past, starvation was the no.1 cause of death in humanity, but a deeper examination reveals the causality behind it – starvation is the effect, engineered poverty is the cause.

product-distribution-channelsThere are more than enough resources and distribution channels that can feed the world

A neighbor who has access to all the necessities of life is more likely to help their fellow neighbor.

Here are ways to awaken to the real problem:

Poverty begins in the mind because there are many instances where it is relative.

If you think you are not making a lot of money, consider your wealth when it comes to some third-world countries. That is what an abundance mindset is all about!

If you think you are not having enough equal opportunities due to racism, sexism or other bigotry, consider that in some Muslim countries, sexism is so bad that wives need to ask husbands for permission to get a job (and job choices are truly limited).

Abundance is all about a matter of perspective!

This video illustrates the idea perfectly.

Once there was a homeless women who donated her money to another homeless man because she felt that he needed the money more than her!

This homeless woman has a better abundance mindset compared to many richer folks! (watch the video above and you’ll know what I mean…)

The lesson to be learned here is that there are more than enough resources in the world if we can acknowledge it.

The only difference is how our minds perceive the concept of poverty vs scarcity.

We have to understand that if we are not taught how to see ourselves as abundant human beings, we are doomed to be stuck in cycles of scarcity.

Once we are able to overcome it, poverty will be eliminated once and for all and the power of that thought will give you the resources you need to begin changing the world one life at a time.

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