Symbiotic Cities – A Utopian Way Of Life


What are the words that come up in your head when someone talks about a ‘utopian society’?

Does it imbue you with hope or do cynical thoughts pop up in your head?

How we think about society’s problems does not define society but it defines who we are.

After all, “The way we see the problem is the problem.”

But, if we are able to adopt a new paradigm about how we see the world, we would be astounded at what we can create when we upgrade our collective paradigms.

One of the ways in which we can organize our thoughts about the world around is is based on our understanding of how much resources we have to utilize.

Imagine if you lived in a world where resources are abundant. There is no scarcity or lack because the bare necessities of your life are completely taken cared of by the most abundant source in the world – nature. How would your thoughts on resources change?

utopiaThis idea isn’t too far fetched because a proposed model of a resource based society rather than a monetary based society has been the model of humanity for thousands of years until the idea of money was introduced in society.

Now don’t get me wrong – money in and of itself isn’t evil. It is a form of currency, used to measure and make transactions easy. Remember, it is our thoughts on money that is either positively identified or negatively identified.

It is actually the misuse of resources purely for profit without the conscious evaluation of the impact on all of humanity that turns resource based societies into a money based society that exploits nature’s natural resources and turns what is already abundant in the world into an artificially scares resource.

Evidences of a utopian society is not far-fetched, it is achievable by today’s standards. Heaven is how you make it.

The issue is not the technology, it is the value system that humanity subscribes to that is more of an issue of consciousness rather than resources.

Here are some points to ponder so we can begin the creation of a better future:


autonomyRobots are meant to do mundane tasks as machines. Humans are meant to operate with more autonomy due to our consciousness.

People are not meant to do mundane tasks over and over again especially if they exist on a higher level in spiral dynamics (unless they love their repetitious jobs so much).

It is an invention of an obsolete industrial area designed to exploit human beings for profit and mass production.

As robotics improve, more and more tasks can be automated to allow human minds to be freed up to do more productive, conscious growth related work.

As an autonomous human being, how can we exercise our thoughts in order to create the most choices for ourselves and others?

Resource abundance

resource-abundancePeople who lived in indigenous for thousands of years understood the equilibrium of living in balance with nature and maintaining the harmony of the ecosystem.

They are far ‘richer’ than people with thousands of dollars in their bank account because everything they needed was already free and picked by nature without artificial limitation on resources.

To give a good contrast, what good is having a trillion dollars if you are stuck on an island alone without the means to use the money? Remember – money is not evil… it is a tool to be used for the greater good, not idolized the way society portrays money.

If resources are around us constantly, scarcity can only occur when one’s mind is in an unresourceful state.

Co-existence between technology and nature

technology_and_natureResources in nature co-existing with technology is designed to enhance, not farm and mine to the point of eradication.

Nature has its own way of self-replenishment. Humans with no regard to this ecosystem will mis-use technology to create artificial scarcity in order to inflate prices and exploit this equilibrium.

It is like killing the golden goose only to discover that there are no golden eggs inside.

Once we are aware, we can shift our mindset to live in harmony with nature. Co-existance is about understanding the needs of others as well as our own needs.

Cooperative cross cultural world community

peaceful-coexistanceWhen you examine a dead body, it doesn’t matter what race or religion someone is – fundamentally there are very little distinctions between people, even male and female.

Realizing that there are little differences between people, we can take our eyes away from senseless fighting over inconsequential factors and focus on working together – setting aside our differences to create a better future for all of humanity.

When we are able to respect the model of other people’s world, working together isn’t that hard for humanity after all.

A radical shift in consciousness

Friends Playing on the Beach Trinidad and TobagoFinally, it is not about the lack of resources or technology but the overall consciousness of humanity that posts as a hindrance from living in a more utopian society.

Being aware is the first step towards increasing our consciousness and sharing these ideas with others is the beginning of a radical shift towards a better future.

We can’t solve problems with the same mindset that created it, but when we are able to expand our world view, things definitely change for the better.

You have the power within you to educate and learn about new philosophies that are more beneficial to mankind.

It’s all about perception. If you fundamentally believe that the universe is geared to work for us, we will create that kind of reality. If you believe that the universe is against us, then you better prepare for a rough ride because that is the exact kind of reality you will manifest.

Unless each individual is willing to adopt the paradigm of a highly evolved human being, only then can we begin to prepare ourselves for humanity’s next evolutionary leap.

The old paradigm of destructive capitalism (which is different from compassionate capitalism) is no longer serving humanity if we were to evolve together.

By beginning our own path towards self-awakening, will we be able to make the old paradigm obsolete and transcend our limitations.

You can start by asking yourself this question, “How can I live in symbiosis with the world?”

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