The Myth Of Enough Hours Sleep

sleepDo you get enough sleep each day?

Is it really true that people need 7-8 hours of sleep to get by?

There is a myth that a person needs a fixed amount of hours each night in order to consider the sleep to be restful.

Getting more sleep is critical to long term health – however it is not about the hours of sleep per se.

Here are a few factors of whether you are getting the right amount of sleep:

  • Deep sleep cycles – the only time that you are getting fully rested is when you are in phases of deep sleep. Attempting to sleep more after you hit the snooze button in order to ‘get more sleep’ is pointless because it is very hard to access that deep sleep phase. Instead, find ways to have a longer period of uninterrupted sleep as that would help you more rather than many small phases of unrestful sleep.
  • Avoid caffeinecaffeine is one of the most dangerous substances that is known to disrupt your sleep patterns and often making you need it more and more to artificially boost your energy for the day. Avoid caffeine at all cost if you want to have restful sleep.
  • Having the right nutrition – it is hard to get good, restful sleep if you are nutritionally starved. The modern day diet is filled with empty calories and nutritionally bankrupt. Bad food choices affect your digestive system. When your organs are functioning well and the right foods are being digested properly, you will get better sleep.
  • The timing of when you eat – The timing of when you eat your food is also very important. If you are eating too close to your sleeping time, you can be sure that your sleep will be disrupted. Allow a minimum of 2-3 hours if you are eating before bedtime.
  • Watch your stress levels – stress is a robber of sleep. Try and meditate for 5-10 minutes before you go to bed as it will calm down the mind. You can also use binaural beats to regulate your brainwaves so you can prepare for a restful night.

Above all, watch your thoughts. If you are sleeping well, even if you only had 6 hours, it is better than having 9 hours of unrestful sleep.

Our psychology likes to play tricks on us when we think things aren’t going well (even though it is).

Let’s say you only got 6 hours of sleep and you thought, “Oh no, I didn’t get enough sleep last night and my day is ruined.” This kind of thinking is a form of ‘lack psychology’ and it is important to watch out for it.

Since energy flows through our body, there are times that this flow can be blocked and we will feel sleepy all the time.

But by using the right techniques, you can give your self a boost of energy and overcome lethargic feelings especially during the afternoon slump.

Simple shifts in energy can make a difference in your sleep patterns and long term health.

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