The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul And Our Consciousness

There is a movie called ‘I Origins’ shares a very deep and profound idea about the human eyes.

When one talks about consciousness, there will always be an element of acknowledging that there is one self which greater than what they see with the naked eye.

Some people call it their higher self while others will call it the soul.

eyesThere seems to be an unexplained element of truth when people say that the eyes are the window to the soul.

You can always ‘know’ a person by looking at their soul through the eyes.

The soul or the higher self is often perceived by looking ‘through’ the eyes and that is the way two people connect deeply with each other.

When people look into one another’s eyes they are looking for their soul – the ‘light-spark’… if the body is the computer, then the soul is the operating system.

This light or spark may shine at different levels of  brightness and intensity depending on the health of the soul and the stage of evolution it is at.

At times, the light may be bright and luminescent – indicating experience and nurturance.

At other times, it may be dull or dim due to neglect.

A good example is when you look at the eyes of a ‘baby’ soul like an aborigines.

Their eyes may look dim as they are learning the ropes of life trying to be human.

There are others who are still relatively young and hold on to organized religion or dogma.

A more mature set of eyes will come in the form of someone like Tony Robbins.

His eyes exude confidence and power.

Even higher is Gandhi and Martin Luther King – their eyes are deeper, and looks like it is filled with compassion.

Lastly you can have an enlightened soul like Jesus or Buddha, whose eyes look like there are entire universes in them.

‘I Origins’ is a movie that suggests that there is an interconnectedness between humans of the past and humans now who may share the same souls.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, this will blow your mind.

The ‘OS’ of a newborn human may be wiped when a person is born, but there may be memories retained in the subconscious memory banks that none can truly explain.

Have you ever met someone and felt as though you have known them your whole life?

Perhaps you may have met them at another life before?

Perhaps you have met your soul mate or twin flame in a lucid dream…

This also suggest that this is not the first time we are here on this earth.

Let us give thought to our higher selves and really ponder deeply about who we are.