Eating Fruits On An Empty Stomach Is The Healthiest Choice


People generally tend to eat fruit sort of as a dessert or together with their meals depending on how they cook the dish.

But what if I were to tell you that there is a better way to eat your fruit and absorb all the best nutrients to go with it?

The best way to eat it is on an empty stomach.

This works because of a couple of reasons:

  • It digests better. Think of your digestive tract like a very large tube starting from your mouth going all the way down to the last stop. Fruit tends to digest very fast if it is unobstructed. If you eat on an empty stomach, you will absorb the nutrients super fast.
  • Digestion issues. If you were to consume your fruit with or after your meals, a few problems can happen. The texture of fruits tend to ferment in the body if it stays too long in your stomach. It will start to rot and ferment in the gut causing all kinds of digestion issues. That is why people tend to experience indigestion, heartburn and burping after eating fruit at the end of a huge meal.
  • Detoxification of the body. If you eat fruit on an empty stomach, it will detoxify your body rather efficiently and you will be able to lose weight and give you tons of energy throughout the day.
  • Issues with sugar. Fruit is a much better alternative compared to refined sugars. The sugar from fruit is natural and healthier but is still a sugar if you consume it during the wrong times. Best time to consume the sugars is when you just woke up and the stomach is empty.

The key is to focus on adding nutrients and not just focusing on subtracting the bad foods.

Nutritional starvation is prevalent in the modern world where we can be in a buffet and still be nutritionally starved.

Studies have shown that we have to eat according to our natural human diet.

A natural human diet is not a diet fad that you go on when you want to look good at the beach.

It is the way humans are evolved to digest food.

So eating fruits on an empty stomach is not a ‘fruit diet’. It is a lifestyle – we are meant to eat the way humans have evolved to eat and digest our foods.

Are you ready to eat fruits on an empty stomach now?

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