Category: The Collective Paradigm

I am not separate from you. You are not separate from me.

In essence, we are all the same – we are one.

As one human race who functions like a collective body, why would the ‘hand’ say to a hurting ‘foot’, “I am not the foot so I don’t care what happens to you?”

By this awareness, it allows us to see the issues of others as our own – to perceive the pain in others no different from ourselves.

Awareness begins by knowing the real issues behind what is going on in the world and be there to help our greater world.

The media perpetuates the illusion of separation through negativity and it’s function is to keep us mired in the drama of inconsequential facts designed to divide us from being able to think critically for ourselves.

Even though many would like to imagine a world where traditional media isn’t tainted by bureaucracy, profit and control from the establishment, that is not what we should put our sole focus upon.

The movie: The Hunger Games sums this up best with this quote, “Remember who the real enemy is.”

The real enemy is not other nations, ethnic groups, the capitalists nor the communists, the government nor the establishment, the elite nor the media – it is our closed minds when we turn on each other and shut down the most important part of our mind which is to think things for ourselves in a clear and unbiased way.

Just as the entire body hurts when one body part is in pain, neither can we can’t turn a blind eye to our hurting neighbor.

We are all in this together.