A Big Reason To Give Up Dairy Products


If you had a choice between being a cow bred for meat and slaughter or being a cow whose sole purpose is to pump milk, which would you choose?


Personally, being a cow bred for meat is a much better life.

The cow eat lots of grass in a free range style and are groomed in order to have the best meat, then the cow enters the food chain in the most natural way (as much as possible).

A cow bred for milk is a far, far more cruel life in imprisonment.

This video above shows how inhumane the dairy industry is.

According to the standpoint of human evolution, we have not evolved to consume the milk of another species – only our own up to the point where we can have teeth and can eat solid foods.

dairy-cowsToday, the dairy industry breeds cows solely for the mass production of milk and other dairy products.

But there is something even more sinister going on behind the inhumane treatment of dairy cows…

Cows are pumped with artificial artificial insemination in order to keep them fertile and pumping milk.

What happens to fertile cows? They give birth to calves!

And the dairy industry doesn’t want calves around drinking the mother’s milk so they take them away.

Cows are very gentle, sentient creatures… can you imagine the trauma a cow goes through to have their baby taken away? It causes a lot of stress on the cow (and stress leads to a lot of other problems for the cow and milk).

A lot of those cows also have udder infection due to the magnitude they are milked, and in the end the pus gets into the milk.

Both are poisonous for humans to drink.

It sounds very disgusting… but the reality is, humans are much better off not taking milk as it is not part of our evolution as a human being.

Even having a glass of milk each day, can increase your chances of having ovarian or prostate cancer.

The idea of dieting is all wrong in todays society where people think dieting is about trying to shed off a couple of pounds for the summer.

A human diet is the way we are meant to eat food as a species and dairy is not part of that equation.

By understanding our natural human evolution, we’ll have a fresh new perspective when it comes to what the human diet is all about

So the next time someone says “Got Milk?” say, “No way…”

Drink water – it’s the most natural and healthiest way to hydrate yourself.

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