POWER FOLLOWS THOUGHTS is a conscious movement of individuals who aspire to use their minds to transcend the norms of life, social constructs and limits and make a difference in their world.

If you are new here, know that our mission is to raise humanity’s awareness by harnessing the power of THOUGHT to ascend beyond the levels of  human potential – beyond the limits of what we normally think is normally possible.

Everything in the universe has a function and a purpose. And our purpose is to help you to use the power of your mind to create your reality, empower our lives and change the world.

Here, we will help you to:

  • Reframe how we see the world and create a new reality for your life
  • Reprograming yourself on a cellular level so you can have lasting change
  • Enhancing your body to peak performance
  • Creating habits that stick for life
  • Finding and fulfilling your life purposePink
  • Mastering the inner game of money and live in complete financial abudance
  • Creating empowering relationships that are conscious and connected
  • Greater awareness that will help you to see beyond our limits
  • Building your dream career and do meaningful work each and every day
  • Greater inner peace and develop the discipline of bliss
  • Elevating your consciousness to hack culture and remove obsolete traditions
  • Create your desired reality in the universe and become a master of manifestation

Do you think this is possible for you? Do you think your thoughts can change your world?

The answer is YES! Here’s why…

manifestationThere is mantra that goes:

“Beware your thoughts, they become your words,
Beware your words, they become your actions,
Beware your actions, they become your habits,
Beware your habits, they become your nature,
Beware your nature, they become your destiny!”

Our mind and our thoughts are the most powerful tools in the arsenal of humanity. When you are able to control each and every thought to congruently create your desired reality, then we will be able to manifest real change that will empower us to shape our destiny.

Our brains are so powerful that every thought has the ability to help each individual organ function at peak performance. Bio-hacking has paved the way for us to transcend our physical limitations.

Our minds are hardwired for innovation. Mankind, having the ingenuity to invent the wheel, has since that time pooled their collective minds to think and produce world changing inventions.

Our thoughts are responsible for the greatest weapon of all time – weapons of mass creation as visionaries join forces to create a futuristic, turquoise spiral of society where humanity has the capacity to create unfathomable new inventions.

Our collective intelligence is ready to hack culture and push the human race to a new era of productivity and advancement. There is no greater time, for humanity is at the precipice of change because more than any era before them, they possess the tools they need to achieve this vision using:

  • Quantum physics to enhance our consciousness
  • Holistic health enhancements to help us operate at peak performance
  • Compassionate hearts that pursues humanitarian efforts
  • The resilient power of the human spirit that put man on the moon.

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Join hands with us as we move into the future as one transcended human race.