A Hand Out Of The Horrors Of Human Trafficking

As people were outraged by Trump’s locker room talk or bringing up Bill Clinton’s predatory nature towards women, there is a far greater threat in the world that is far more dangerous and it has been going on in the shadows for a very long time.

It is human trafficking and the untold brutalities of what happens to the young women taken from their homes. 

0509humantraffickingThe girls were ‘harvested’ around age 12 and promised by traffickers that there are opportunities to make money elsewhere.

Once they were captured, they are often never seen again.

Some of these girls were repeatedly raped by 25-35 men daily and shocked by electricity if they do not comply.

And sadly, many of them develop STD and AIDS at a very young age.

A women named Anuradha Koirala provides a hand out of the horror for these unfortunate souls and have saved more than 12,000 women and girls from captivity.

Why is such an inhuman act possible?

It is because there are many who indirectly consent to this practice as a consumer for this sex-fueled trade.

The very people who objectify women and treat them as objects are the silent encouragers – the lesser evils of that encourage these greater evils.

When one is able to say NO to treating women as objects, then the chain will be broken and one day, more and more women will be freed from this inhuman trade.

It is time to raise the awareness of human trafficking.

There are times where we might feel a little apathetic or indifferent to the sufferings of people in other countries. Therefore, I incite you to take a moment to look into the eyes of your daughter, sister, girlfriend or wife.

Look them straight in the eye and imagine them taken from you and never able to see them again because unscrupulous people were encouraged to do this to other women and you will awake to the pain in the world.

Say NO to human trafficking and spread the awareness today!


From The Editor
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