Are Your Thoughts Preventing You From Reaching Your Full Potential And Creating Your Dream Life?

It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity, a hot shot CEO, world class Olympics contender, an average Joe or the girl next door, everyone has the capacity create an abundant, balanced life mentally, emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually.

Chances are, you might pursue a lifestyle like this but doubt whether it is possible for you.

This is not uncommon – for our minds are all wired differently.

Different People Are Wired Differently As They Perceive Information Differently In Their Mind

VAKWe are all observing, listening and sensing creatures – and each of us have 3 preferred ways when it comes to perceiving information.

Some are more visual, some are more auditory, some are more kinesthetic.

Visual people tend to be more organized, neat and orderly, observant, quieter, appearance oriented, good at spelling, memorizes by picture, less distracted by noise and has trouble remembering verbal instruction.

Auditory people tends to talk to themselves or move their lips when reading, easily gets distracted, repeats words back easily, find math and writing more difficult, speaks the spoken language well, talks in a rhythmic pattern, likes music and learns well by listening.

Kinesthetic people responds to physical rewards, touches people and stands close, are more physically oriented and moves a lot, has a larger physical reaction, learns by doing, memorizes by walking and seeing, points when reading and has a lot of hand gestures.

With deeper introspection, you can see how we perceive our worlds differently.

The Phenomena Of Repeating Patterns

stuckcircleObserve this interesting phenomena – no doubt that different people perceive their worlds differently, but somehow, people always seem to recreate the same reality over and over again in spite of having a million variables different in a billion circumstances in life.

At any time, we can decide to switch a toothpaste brand or eat something differently today.
We can decide to call an old friend or move to a different state at a whim.

Yet why is it when people end one relationship they seem to get into the same kind of relationships again?

People also tend to keep the same jobs and follow the same habitual patterns even when presented with different choices.

When you consider that the world has an infinite permutations worth of possibilities, why is it we (and somehow all the people around us) keep choosing and creating the same reality over and over again?

Wouldn’t a simple decision by you or someone else change the outcome? Apparently not.


Nothing in this world happens by accident.
Nobody stumbles upon success by accident either.
Nobody gets into (or stays in) a bad and unfulfilling relationship by accident.

To quote a very popular but highly pertinent truth of life from ‘The Matrix’:

Neo: If you’re killed in the matrix, you die here?
Morpheus: The body cannot live without the mind. Your mind makes it real.

The mind controls the very fabric of our reality.

In fact, if we really take the time to consider how powerful the impact the mind and our thoughts have on our daily, practical life, you will be amazed at how it shapes our destiny in many areas of our lives!

“Watch your thoughts, They become words.
Watch your words, They become deeds.
Watch your deeds, They become habits.
Watch your habits, They become character.
Watch your character – for it becomes your destiny!”

Your destiny is shaped all by a single thought!

Did You Know That Your Thoughts Have The Power To Change The Fabric Of Reality?

ripple effectDid you know that a single thought has the ability to create ripple effects throughout the universe?

The brain is unchallenged in terms of complexity as far as the human body is concerned.

By analyzing this small organ that barely weights more than 3 pounds, it is the command center of intelligence, senses, body movement and behavior.

More than that, neurosciences also teaches us that beyond the physical, it’s true power lies in what some people call ‘consciousness engineering’ – the ability to harness the power of thought to create your own reality.

Thoughts Carry Vibration

Quantum physics has experimented on human thoughts and it is clear that thoughts carry atoms and sub-atoms which contains energy.

When studied carefully, human consciousness has a certain level of vibration that our thoughts emit.


Our thoughts are like radio transmitters that keeps broadcasting at the same frequency over and over again.
When you keep broadcasting the same frequency so often, we keep getting what we subconsciously transmit whether we like it or not.

These transmissions are weighted by the intensity of our emotions.
Heavy emotions like fear, anger, shame, guilt and hate are all vibrations at a much lower frequency and attracts more of the same.

Whereas emotions like joy, peace, love, acceptance many others are operating at higher frequencies – they are uplifting and has the potential to increase other people’s vibrations as well.

The Water Experiment Of Vibration And How It Works With Thoughts

Further research beyond just measuring energetic frequencies exist as well.

Masaru Emoto – a researcher from Japan, teaches that thought and human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water.
He says that water is a very adaptive medium that could take on the frequency of a person’s energy (coming from emotions) and that even polluted water could be restored through prayer and positive visualization.

Among the 4 elements – water, fire, air and earth, he claims that water is the most receptive of them all.

Dr.EmotoHe later on taped words unto distilled water. Words like “love” and “peace” showed a beautiful and symmetrical molecular structure while words such as “hate” or “I will kill you” showed a very ugly molecular structure.

So why would such a thing happen? Those are just words pasted on a bottle.
The truth is, our thoughts carry a lot of molecular functions inside.

This is proof that by raising our vibration by changing our thoughts, we can create a new reality as we unlock the very secrets kept within the deep recesses of our minds so that the secrets of wealth creation, vibrant health, miraculous healing, empowering relationships, rewarding careers and finding our meaning of life will appear before us.

Consider that 70% of our bodies are made up of water.
If we carry so much water in our body, wouldn’t our thoughts play a very big role in influencing our body and our reality?
Imagine if you think about anger all day, how will it affect the molecules? Would it be crystalline and symmetrically beautiful? Or will it be polluted and ugly like the pictures above?
Likely it is a cause of stress (the chemical cortisol is a good example) and many other diseases as a result of our negative thoughts.

Mastering Your Thoughts Is The Key To Mastering Your Mind And Recreating Your Reality

Starting from a single thought, it is the catalyst – the starting point of all your realities in life.

According to the theory of evolution, consciousness evolves from the primitive form to a more developed form as evolution progresses.

Our thoughts are like evolution – it starts as a single thought, and the frequencies that is emitted by it helps it grow bigger and bigger as it evolve into our words, our actions, our habits, our character and finally our destiny.