Your Brain Is Your Superpower [Part 1 of 3]

(This is Part 1 of our 3-part brain power series! Once you’ve finished this post, check out Part 2 and Part 3.)

Did you know that the small organ we all call brain is extremely powerful?

I bet you heard that many times before.

But here is an idea of what our brain can really do for us.

By just using the power of your brain you can become a deliberate creator of your reality.

It is like having a ‘God-Switch’ that helps us to become a deliberate creator of whatever we want to create with the snap of our fingers!


Here’s more!

Did you know that a single thought has the ability to create ripple effects throughout the universe?

The brain is unchallenged in terms of complexity as far as the human body is concerned. By analyzing this small organ that barely weighs more than 3 pounds, it is the command center of intelligence, senses, body movement and behavior.

More than that, neurosciences also teaches us that beyond the physical, it’s true power lies in what some people call ‘consciousness engineering’ – the ability to harness the power of thought to create your own reality.

What we are going to share with you today will change your life. You don’t need to have a genius level IQ to understand and benefit from what we are going to discuss here.

This article will simply open your mind to the fact that we are limitless and that we have the ability to transcend beyond our limits by tapping and using our brains’ highest potential. One way to help you tap your optimum brain power is to learn from this free resource Brain Power Accelerator. This can help you enhance your brain capacity and create a lifestyle from habits that develops a strong and faster brain which enables you to master new skills, forget less and retain more of what you learned.

You are the limits you place on yourself.

So never settle for anything less when you know you are capable of creating your reality and getting what you want in life!

So let’s get started with this no BS just real gen discussion about your brain being your ultimate superpower!

First off, let’s understand how the brain works.

How The Human Brain Works

The cerebrum controls your capacity to think, talk, feel, see, hear, recollect things, walk and substantially more. It even controls your relaxing.

The mind is a delicate mass of strong tissues and nerves associated with the spinal cord. A portion of the nerves in the mind goes to the eyes, ears and different parts of the head. Different nerves interface the mind with different parts of the body through the spinal cord to control identity, faculties and body capacities from breathing to strolling.

Together, the cerebrum, spinal cord, and nerves shape the central nervous system.

The cerebrum works like a major PC. It forms data that it gets from the faculties and body, and sends messages back to the body. However, the cerebrum can do significantly more than a machine can: people think and experience feelings with their mind, and it is the base of human insight.

The human mind is generally the size of two clenched hands and weighs around 1.5 kilograms. From the outside, it looks somewhat like a vast walnut, with folds and fissure. Mind tissue is comprised of around 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) and one trillion supporting cells, which balance out the tissue.

There are different areas of the mind, each with their own capacities:

  • The cerebrum
  • The diencephalon – including the thalamus, hypothalamus and pituitary organ
  • The cerebrum stem – including the midbrain, pons, and medulla
  • The cerebellum

The cerebrum has a right half and a left half, known as the right and left hemispheres of the heart. The two halves of the heart are connected by means of a thick heap of nerve strands called the corpus callosum.

Every side of the hemisphere is comprised of six zones (flaps) that have diverse capacities. The cerebrum controls development and procedures of tangible data. Cognizant activities and sentiments are delivered here. It is likewise in charge of discourse, hearing, knowledge, and memory.

The elements of the two sides of the hemisphere are, all things considered, unique: though the left half of the globe is in charge of abstract thinking and speech in many people, the right side is normally in charge of spatial reasoning or symbolism.

The right side of the mind controls the left half of the body, and the left half of the cerebrum controls the right side of the body. This implies harm to one left side of the heart because of a stroke, for instance, can prompt loss of motion on the right side of the body.

The left cerebral cortex is in charge of speech and language. The privilege cerebral cortex supplies spatial data, for example, where your foot is right now. The thalamus furnishes the cerebrum with tangible data from the skin, eyes, and ears, and in addition other data. The hypothalamus manages yearning, thirst and rest. Together with the pituitary organ, it likewise controls the hormones in your body.

The cerebrum stem transfers data between the mind, the cerebellum and the spinal cord, and controlling eye developments and outward appearances. It additionally controls crucial capacities like breathing, heartbeat and blood pressure.

The cerebellum facilitates development and is in charge of balancing.

Using The Power Of Your Mind To Get Anything You Want In Life

You have the ability to have complete control over your mind and you can train and re-wire it to your liking. It will work like a GPS system if it is programmed properly. To do this, we must first let go of limited thinking as limited thinking means limited life.

Here is how to you can let go of limited thinking:

Set a threshold question “is my thinking limited?”

You will know for sure if your thinking is limited when you feel conflict inside or dis-ease. Expand your mind beyond reality. Know that you are not limited to your outer reality. Be aware that in your consciousness, you can create your reality and project that reality to your outer reality and make that your conscious priority.

Let go of phrases like “should dos”, “what if”, “what might happen”

These thoughts are like cancer. It will slowly destroy you and remove you from the present hence; you become blinded of the opportunities and limitless possibilities that are in front of you at present moment.

Make it a habit to reduce and eventually remove this negative programming by asking your self these questions: What are my fears? Are they even real? Are they important?

You will notice that most of the time, your fears aren’t real or important. It is just your imagination that is building up frightening stories inside your mind.

Be spontaneous

When you let spontaneity take over, you will become more appreciative of the beauty of the things around you. You simply become more aware as you live in the now. This will cause you to think and act intuitively hence; the chance of thinking negatively is reduced.

Let go of control

Limited thinking means controlled thinking. We assume that things will happen exactly in the same fashion we planned it. But events will not always take place the way we want it so allow events to flow in their natural course. Accept that we can’t control life in any substantial way but we can control our responses in any given situation and consider alternatives and new thinking to get through any challenges that deny us of living the life of our dreams.

Pause occasionally

We tend to put unnecessary pressures on ourselves in our desire to do more. But little did we know that instead of achieving more, we are actually preventing ourselves from recognizing the best choices we have before us.

So take a break, pause for a while and breathe. Give time for meditation and reflection, it will help open your thought waves and help you stay grounded.

Practical Steps To Program Your Brain To Manifest Your Dream Life

Now that you have an idea of how to let go of limited thinking, let’s look at how you can manifest your dream life using the power of your mind:

  • Set an intention in your mind – create your desired outcome vividly
  • Close your eyes and in your mind’s eye – describe what you see
  • Are there any sounds that you hear?
  • Who are you with when you imagine that desired outcome?
  • When will you manifest this?
  • Where is that location? Do you have a place? An address?
  • Once you have manifested it, look for signs in the universe that may indicate a stepping stone for you

Once you are very clear about what you want in life, you will begin to find new ways to manifest more things into your life.

Your mind is truly limitless. It is your Superpower that will allow you to deliberately create the reality you desire for your life.

You can create any reality you want if you are willing to let go of your limiting beliefs.

The practice of strengthening your greatest power – your brain will bring you very far as far as achieving your desired goals or building your dream life is concerned.

Tools like Superbrain can help you enhance your intellectual competence and give your life a total makeover.

Day by day as you want something more and more with the greater intensity it would help to have a strong and faster brain that can help you master more skills as it will make it easier for you to get what you want.

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