If you can see this then all your dreams will come true

Have you ever ‘seen’ something and in a matter of time, it became real?

Sounds like magic, but in essence it is all about using the power of your mind and how you can powerfully imagine pictures in your mind and turn them into a reality.

This idea of visualization has been done by visionaries all over the world.

People like Walt Disney is a great example who ‘saw’ the future of Disneyland back when theme parks weren’t a big thing and he turned it into a reality.

Everyone on this earth can have the same power to dream like Disney as well – but first you have to see it clearly before your dreams can come true.

It’s fitting that people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Whatever you can visualize in the mind is even better because a picture that you can see clearly in your mind is worth a fortune!

When visualization is used successfully, people can visualize riches manifesting, attracting a life partner, a successful career, vacations happening, diseases healing and even sadness disappearing!

Here’s how Walt Disney used the power of visualization:

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue at Disneyland California. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.Long before Disneyland came into existence, he ‘saw’ it in it’s splendor and its finished work. He made it his dream and his greatest wish to make Disneyland a reality back when theme parks were a costly and risky project for banks and investors to consider.

He constantly asked his brother to mortgage everything they had and put every penny into their dreams. His conviction inspired his brother to raise money even when they owed tons of money to the banks.

He persisted and persisted even in spite of overwhelming odds but he finally built Disneyland.

Even after Disneyland in Anaheim as a success, he didn’t rest on his laurels as he envisioned building Disney World in Florida already which was several times the size of Disneyland. ‘The Florida Project” was huge but he didn’t live to see his vision come into his reality in his lifetime.

Even on his deathbed, he was still explaining his plans to his brother. He ran through all the plans and articulated the future inside his head to his brother until he breathed his last.

Today, Walt Disney World is visited by millions and millions of people every year and they all benefited from one man’s dream.

Such is the power visualization can bring!

Visualization Methods Used Throughout History

Walt Disney wasn’t the only example.

Bill Gates visualized a personal computer in every home.

Steve Jobs ‘saw’ the future of iPhones.

Elon Musk wants his final resting place to be on Mars.

Alexander the Great conquered the (known) world.

You can ‘give birth’ to any idea in your head and make it a reality if you see it with conviction.

Visualizations And Visions Are Inseparable Things

The ability to visualize is no different from your ability to see things as far as you can.

A good example is the visualization techniques used by stories in religion or spirituality.

There was a story about Abraham – a spiritual forefather to Jews, Christians and Muslims. According to the bible, god told him to look in every direction towards all the lands he can see. Everything that he saw would be his.

If Abraham could not ‘see’ all the lands that god told him, he wouldn’t have become the patriarch to many religions.

What do all these examples have to do with visualization? Basically for Walt Disney and Abraham, they both were able to see everything.

The lesson here is, if you cannot see it, there is no way you will ever achieve your goals no matter how hard you try.

Being able to see something clearly is like having a precise destination in your GPS. You can’t drive to ‘anywhere’ because the GPS needs a precise destination so it can plot a map to take you there.

The universe is just like a GPS – if you cannot see the final destination, you will be spinning round and round endlessly on this cosmic chessboard. You need to tell the universe where you want to go, so by seeing your destination clearly, you will get there eventually.

The Science Of Visualization

Athletes know the principle of visualization for decades.

In sports psychology, an athlete must visualize the gold medal and the finish line.

The brain of the athlete visualizes every detail as clearly as possible.

From the start of the race, the firing of the gun, the explosive power of building up acceleration, running each step of the way and beating the rest to reach the finish line.

Timing is visualized – they know that they meet it within record time with every fibre of their being.

Gymnasts can execute their jumps and loops flawlessly by erasing timing errors with visualization.

As people stimulate the same brain regions when we visualize an action up to the point of actually taking action, every cell in the body works together in tandem to execute the brain’s command.

That is why the stronger mind will always win.

How To Create A Collage For Visualization

Here is an example of a visualization collage.

With the advancement of technology and the power of the Internet, all you need to do is go online and google an image. You will have tons of ‘ammo’ to load up your creative visualizations.

Take the images you like, and paste them on a collage and print it.

Steps to visualize better:

  1. Write down your dream in vivid detail
  2. What do you see when you are there? Is it in color or is it in black and white?
  3. Who are you with when you are there?
  4. What sounds do you hear? (e.g. waves on the Bahamas)
  5. What smells are there? Are you tasting anything?
  6. By when do you want this to become a reality? Specify it realistically so it is believable
  7. Breathe this image in to your heart
  8. Speak your goal in positive terms and enthusiasm
  9. Keep an eye out for signs that will help you to get from one milestone to the next

Mastering Visualization And Have The Greatest Clarity

To summarize, the reason why Walt Disney was such a master visualizer was because he had tremendous clarity for everything he was doing.

He saw it, and his vision became a part of his life.

He really saw Disneyland and Disney World in vivid detail – every sight and sound was in his mind long before it came into reality.

For us to have this level of clarity in visualization, be crystal clear with what you want. Set an intention, believe in it with all your heart, and take action to make it a reality.

Because you too have the power to create a vision for your life.