Using Your Mind To Become The Deliberate Creator Of Your Reality

The mind is so powerful that it has the power to turn us into the deliberate creator of our realities.

Think of this Jim Carrey having the power of ‘Bruce Almighty’.

It is like having a ‘God-Switch’ that helps us to become a deliberate creator of whatever we want to create with the snap of our fingers.

This is where Abraham-Hicks of Law of Attraction fame comes in.

Abraham-Hicks talks about the 2nd law when it comes to manifesting your desired life.

We are all creators of our experiences in the world – directly or indirectly.

When we create something directly, we are doing it through the conscious mind.

When we create something indirectly, we are doing it through the subconscious mind – whether the conscious mind is aware or not.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are fully responsible.

Young woman drawing splashesOur thoughts create our realities. Therefore through the power of deliberate creation, we either become the creator of our joyful experiences or we become the architect of our demise.

Some people might say, I did not intend for this to happen – it was not my intention… but aha – the fact that your thoughts focuses on it, all the more, it creates your very reality.

After all, what you focus on expands – our thoughts carry energy that expands what we focus upon.

Our thoughts also contains neurons and are super charged by our emotions.

The more positive your emotions are about the thing you are focusing on, the more you will attract what you want.

The more negative your emotions are about the thing you are trying to avoid, the more it will come to you.

Here is an example of how the law of deliberate creation works:

Positive Example

I focus on what I want. I want to have an enjoyable trip to Las Vegas. I deliberately create my experience by arranging my schedule, setting aside money for the trip, buying my flight ticket, booking my hotel and enjoying myself.

Negative Example

I am afraid that I can’t make rent this month. No matter what I do or where I go, bills keep piling up. I’ve tried borrowing money from friends and relatives, but I just cant seem to have enough. I don’t want this, but somehow it keeps coming back.

How to apply the law of deliberate creation better?

1) Be very clear what you want (focus on moving towards a goal rather than running away from an undesirable outcome).

2) If you find your thoughts constantly focused on what you don’t want, it is okay. Use it as a starting point to find what you would like to move towards (e.g. I hate to be broke – use it as a way to find your deepest desires for financial freedom)

3) Be mindful of your emotional state – is it a positive feeling or a negative feeling? Negative feeling often manifest negative circumstances. (e.g. I want to prove to them that I can be wealthy – this normally generates more pain and disappointment)

4) Do not focus on what your current situation is – rather focus on what you would like your intended outcome to be.

5) Surrender to the fact that your thoughts will send out the right signals and in time, you will achieve your desired outcome. Have faith that it will come to pass.

Remember that it takes time to a master at the Law of deliberate creation.

A deliberate creator must have clarity about what they want in their life.

When you are crystal clear, all of your mind’s thoughts are funneled towards a single goal.

Then only, you’ll have enough traction to bend reality so you can manifest crazy coincidences, synchronicities & luck.