Are You Doing The Law of Attraction All Wrong?

Is the Law of attraction working FOR you or AGAINST you?

This law is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe.

Yet, people seem to be doing it all wrong – so they always wind up attracting what they don’t want rather than what they really want.

The confusion remains because of a certain documentary.

Ever since a documentary called ‘The Secret’ was released to the world, the global consciousness about the Law of Attraction has exploded and people everywhere are looking for information on how to attract their dream life.

Since then, countless books and tapes have expounded greatly on the topic of the Law of Attraction paving the way for people to understand how our minds are able to attract situations, people and resources.

Why is The Law Of Attraction A Law?

To understand The Law of Attraction, first, we need to understand what a law is.

Laws serves us and they are around for two reasons – there is a natural order to the universe and to keep us safe.

Consider the law of gravity. That Law is something that is unbreakable. It doesn’t matter if you believe in gravity or not, if you do not believe in it – try stepping off the edge of a tall building and see what happens. The law of gravity is a law and it will work no matter what.

There are other laws like the first, second and third of Newton’s law and the law of attraction is one of these unbreakable laws.


Contracts and agreements can be broken – laws cannot!

Laws are not like contracts or agreements. Contracts or agreements are man-made. The laws we have in the justice system is a contract or agreement made between the government and it’s citizens (whether they like it or not) and they can be bent or broken.

The Law of Attraction Is Not A Contract Nor Is It An Agreement

The Law of Attraction works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It cannot be broken and it cannot be bent. Your level of belief will not affect it’s consequences.

But here’s the surprising thing – even when people do not believe in The Law of Attraction, somehow they seem to use it all the time without being aware about it.

For example when someone says:

  • This always happens to me??
  • Why do I always get the short end of the stick
  • There I go again…
  • I’m just not lucky when it comes to these kind of things

Do you realize what they are basically saying to the universe?
The very same things they are attracting! And they will attract more and more of it because it is LAW!

“But I didn’t ask for these things!” They say… but it will still get attracted.

They can scream till their face turn blue disbelieving the Law of Attraction but the result will always be the same – they attract what they believe about themselves!

Why Is It Important To Know The Law Of Attraction?

So how does this relate to you?

By knowing that this natural law operates in the universe, it will help you by knowing that it create your desired lifestyle if you play by it’s rules and align yourself to it’s laws.

Take for example:
If you wake up in the morning and you start off with a bad day, most likely the rest of the day will be bad because you are attracting it whether you are conscious about what you are attracting.

But by being aware of this law will help you to arrest your destructive thought patterns and change the way you are thinking so that you are more positive and attract good things into your day.

Why Do Some People Get What They Want Easily But Others Seem To Struggle With Attracting Their Heart’s Desires?

In the context of the Law of Attraction, what most people fail to understand is that the power of the mind is the real driving force behind this magnificent law and not wishful thinking. 

it means that you will have to set a thought as an intention which your point of attraction (step 1) before moving on to the next step which is attracting the resources in order to make your intention into a reality.

Also, the beliefs of a person and it affects the Law of Attraction in a big way.

Beliefs are more powerful than intentions.

If a person says that they want to lose 20 pounds but deep down inside they feel that they will always be fat, which do you think will win?

No matter how much willpower one has when trying to lose weight, the beliefs are like a gravity field pulling back the rocket.

Now if you use this metaphor that beliefs are the gravity and intention is like the rocket trying to take off, here’s a radical thought – you can change the gravity so that every subsequent rocket that you fire will fly easily!

A negative belief about yourself is the gravitational field that keeps people stuck in square one.

Here’s an example about money:
If you want to make a million dollars but deep down inside, you don’t believe you can earn $10,000 a month, then it’s easier to work on that belief rather than go out and find the money right away. Unless your home is facing foreclosure and you have to get out by tomorrow, it is not a money problem that you should be worried about but rather a belief problem.

Beliefs that you will never save money or earn anything good is a belief system problem that will cause you to lose everything you make even if you do get ahead somehow (or get lucky by striking a lottery).

Work on the limiting beliefs about money such as:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees (remove this)
  • Rich people are selfish jerks (on the contrary, some rich people are the kindest, most giving people around)
  • I don’t deserve to be rich (says who? other poor people?)

It’s your choice how you want to work on it. Most important of all, identifying the beliefs will give you better dividends in the long run.

Things You Can Be Mindful Of When You Are Supercharging Your Thoughts To Attract The Things You Want

Don’t have conflicting thoughts in your mind.

If you ‘kinda’ want something or if you are ‘unsure’ if you should have it or not, it means that your transmission is fussy or on a wrong frequency with the universe. Be very clear if what you want is what you want. You will know something is right if you feel it in your gut.

Once you set a strong intention, do whatever it takes to keep it consistent.

Human beings are environmentally sensitive creatures. It means that we need to structure our environment in such a way that we stay consistent with our attraction.

Have a goal? Talk about it with someone positive and encouraging. Use vision boards and pictures across your office or your wall. Speak about it in the mirror. Do whatever it takes to keep it there.

Look out for resources.

Here’s a metaphor you can remember.

“A priest prayed to god for a rescue during a huge flood. After he prayed, a truck driver came and offered him a lift. He politely declined and said that god will take care of him. As the flood rose up, a boat came and he was offered the way to escape but he declined again with the same excuse.

Finally when the water reached the roof, a helicopter came and he said the same thing. When he drowned and met with god, he asked god why didn’t he saved him? God told him that he sent rescue 3 times and he didn’t see the signs.” So don’t be too late. Look out for the signs.

Mastering The Law Of Attraction To Attract Your Heart’s Desires

Nobody becomes a master at the Law of Attraction overnight. It takes a lot of practice to master the this art of attraction. It is all about controlling your emotional state so that you are attracting what you want rather than what you don’t want.

At any given time, knowing that your thoughts send out vibrations that creates an attracting force will give you the ability to make a choice and choose to focus on your desired goals rather than unpleasant feelings.

But once you have the right thoughts in place, you’ll be able to bend reality so you can manifest crazy coincidences, synchronicities & luck.