Why Doing Less Often Gets You More Results In Life?

Have you wondered why people are feeling tired, burnt out and stressed all the time?

Maybe you have met people like them.

Maybe you are one of them.

Perhaps you can relate to people who endlessly set goal after goal.

Achieving one after another but only to feel little satisfaction.

Or maybe you have joined the ‘hustle’ bandwagon and endlessly hustling to get things done.

If you can relate to the tiredness, it’s because you are not practicing the secret of ‘doing less to get more’.

Have you seen how ants operate? They seem to be busy all the time.

We can be like ants – endlessly slaving away, yet not moving forward in a big way and people get confused as to why they are stuck.

The fact is, doing more doesn’t necessarily mean getting more.

This is why one of the hardest laws to practice is called the Law of Allowing.

It is the third law of Abraham-Hicks – after the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deliberate Creation.

How Does The Law Of Allowing Works?

Once you determine what you want to attract (Law of Attraction), and set an intent to create what you truly desire (Law of Deliberate Creation) the last step is to allow it to happen.

Allowing is the act of surrendering the manifestation of your desired intent to the universe and leaving it in their hands for it to come to pass.

On one hand – this law might seem counter-intuitive. Some might even say that it is passive but in actual fact, it is a form of active manifestation because you are not getting in the way of letting the universe do its job.

Here is a good metaphor of how it works.

Imagine as a young child, you told your dad that you wanted a bicycle. You know your dad loves you and would do anything for you. Even the mere fact of hinting that you would like that bicycle would make it come to pass as your dad buys it for your birthday.

It’s easy, right? Since you know your dad would do anything for you and when the timing is right, it would appear at your doorstep. This is the Law of Allowing at work. You are simply surrendering to the fact that a ‘higher power’ (your dad for example) would do it for you when the timing is right.

If you decide to go against the Law of Allowing, it will actually make things worse. Metaphorically speaking, it is like pestering your dad each and every day – vexing him and even making him dislike his original intention of buying one for your birthday. (or worse – trying to steal a bike for yourself without waiting for your dad… it is like getting something before its time).

Let The Universe Do The Heavy Lifting After You Have Done Your Part

AllowFlySurrendering is letting the ‘higher power’ do the heavy lifting.

It’s about acknowledging that the natural order of nature has it’s way of taking care of itself.

It’s saying, “Universe, you can do a better job than I can do yours. I allow you to do whatever needs to be done while I focus on what I can do.”

Going with the flow is also part of the Law of Allowing.

Once you allow what you want to come to pass, you will go about your day, becoming a conduit for what you are attracting instead of going against it. You will not wind up undermining your manifestation.

The universe has a way or organizing itself from chaos to order – surrendering to the natural order of things is like watering a plant knowing that it will grow rather than trying to ‘help’ it by pulling the sapling to make it ‘grow faster’ (which often kills it rather than helping it).

As you are practicing the Law of Allowing, your only job is to look out for signs and milestones that will get you to the next step. This is once again, active manifestation. As you keep an eye out for these signs, you heed the cues you need to respond appropriately.

PetalFlyFor example, if you are manifesting a promotion, a good sign might be – additional work or longer hours to prove your worth. The sign may not seem like it initially (often even going against your initial goal), but once again, go with the flow and be open to what the universe may give unto you.

Remember that your attraction is already completed before there is any physical evidence of it. According to Stephen Covey of the 7 habits of highly effective people, creation is done twice – once in the mind before anything else, and the second time, when your intention is set and you manifest your thoughts into the physical realm.

Allowing – allows you to know that it is already done, as 99% of the creation already happened in your mind. You are just waiting for the physical manifestation for it.

Sometimes we might not get what we want – and that is okay. It is all part of the Law of Allowing.

All In Good Time…

One of the reasons we don’t get what we want is because we are not ready for it yet.

Take a look at nature and you will see that trees grow in it’s perfectly good order.

It takes root before it grows into a magnificent tall oak. Nature has it’s way of ordering things in perfect harmony.

As you grow into a more mature person and ready to handle new things, things will naturally fall into place.

If you are a child and you really want a sports car, your parents will not give it to you until you are 18 and eligible to drive. The universe knows our deepest desires and it will give them to us when we are ready.

Money not showing up? It is because we haven’t learned how to handle it.

Soul mate not appearing? It is because we haven’t learned how to handle a long term relationship.

Promotion not happening? Maybe there is a better job for us out there that will pay more or make us happier.

Lastly, the Law of Allowing is about surrendering control. A person who is ‘against something bad’ is often focusing on the energy of ‘fighting’.

Country leaders that are against war will often go to war for it. (We will have peace at all cost – even if it means going to war to fight for it).

This applies to animal rights, racism, religious fundamentalism etc.

As long as you are fighting against something, you are still fighting.

A person in a state of Allowing or surrender is able to use their energy body to let go of their attachment to such things and let the universe take care of itself.