The 11 Forgotten Laws That Holds The Key To Constructing Your Reality

Did you know that the laws of the mind are being governed by the Laws of the universe?

Ages ago, people who were aligned with the laws of the land also recognized these universal laws and they lived in harmony with reality – effectively manifesting the life that they desired.

Today, this knowledge was lost and people started turning against these laws and they wonder why they aren’t getting any results in their lives.

For example, if someone wants to earn more money, but no matter what they do, they just can’t seem to keep money, it means that they are violating the natural laws of earning money.

However, one of the main stars of the movie: The Secret – Bob Proctor has recovered this lost knowledge and put them into a framework that models these universal laws.

UniversalLawThese laws are the missing laws that will help anyone who loves the Law of Attraction turn it into a lifestyle and live it.

Bob begins by talking about how to work with the Laws.

The mind can be our greatest enemy but it can also be our most valuable ally.

When things are not working right in our lives, we are working against these laws. Just as the law of gravity is one of these laws, it can work against you if you try and step off very tall building. The law of gravity does not care if you do not believe in it – as long as you are in violation to the law, you will land at the bottom no matter how much positive thinking you have.

The 11 laws and how you can apply them in your life

1. Law of Thinking

The Law of Thinking exemplifies the idea that power does truly follows our thoughts.

If we are unable to develop a structure of thinking that creates organized and disciplined thoughts, we will lack the personal power to create and master our desired life.

Sometimes, our parents are responsible for installing negative thoughts into our mind. They do the best to raise us but at the same time they made the best choices based upon their limited resources and the way they were brought up.

In essence, we are what we think. We create our world with our thoughts.

If we think big, we will achieve big things.

The time it takes to think a big thought versus a small thought is the same – so you might as well think big.

2. Law of Supply

The universe is a source of unlimited abundance.

The Law of Supply teaches us that this abundance is based on our feelings and thoughts of abundance rather than the amount of the resources we have.

If you have the belief of scarcity, then you are not connected to the source of abundance that the universe is all about.

It is like the branch of a tree – cutting itself off from the rest of the tree where nutrients in the soil is abundant.

By practicing this law, we will be able to connect to the source like an ATM machine which is unlimited.

We have all the resources we need to create what we want in our lives – we just need to put ourselves in resourceful states.

3. Law of Attraction

A lot of people have a very fluffy view about the Law of Attraction – thinking that all they need to do is ‘think’ about what they want and they will automatically get what they want.

The real scenario is that it is not enough to just think about what you want but rather to expect it and continue to expect it on a continual basis. Expectation is the key.

You can’t have what you want without believing it will happen.

There is a saying that goes – we do not attract what we want… we attract what we believe.

That is the power of our subconscious mind at work.

4. Law of Receiving

Giving and receiving are actually both sides of the same coin.

A good giver is also a good receiver.

A person who is a lousy receiver will also not be a good giver as well.

Sometimes, through the act of generously giving and serving, it serves as a way from the universe to give us good things as well so we can receive them like the abundant receiver that we are.

The Law of Receiving is also governed by the laws of karma which sends us what we give out.

If you are a cheerful giver, you will be open to receiving more and more abundance from the universe.

5. Law of Increase

Bob says what you praise — GROWS.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking to a plant, a pet, your child or even your bank account.

The more you praise it, the more it will grow bigger.

The Law of Increase also teaches that as you focus on the beauty of something, it will grow to become bigger and bigger in the universal realm.

Start by praising what you already have and see it grow.

6. Law of Compensation

The Law of Compensation teaches us that when we become so good at doing something, we will become indispensable and irreplaceable.

Water will always find its level.

When you grow big enough, you will reach a point that you will outgrow your current environment and move into a bigger realm.

When the fish outgrows it’s pond, it is natural to move into a larger ocean.

7. Law of Non-Resistance

This law is clearly summarized by the term – what you resist, persists.

It is often the case that we resist abundance.

Like putting a hand in a jar to grab as much candy as we can in a single grasp, we wind up not being able to remove out fist from the jar.

Once we are willing to let go of some thing, are we able to receive better things from the universe.

Sometimes, certain hardships in life can cause us to have resistance against them.

Once we overcome our resistance towards hardship, will we be able to grow to become a better person.

8. Law of Forgiveness

Often times, a person with blocks to love will manifest in unforgiveness.

When we do not feel loved and supported by the universe, it is very hard to practice the Law of Forgiveness and it will sap our power.

Forgiveness is not useful for other people, but for ourselves.

The more we hold on to unforgiveness, the more we give our power away.

One good way to shift our perspective about forgiveness is to shift the negative charge we have against an experience or an event or even a person.

When we learn to forgive others and ourselves, we will have a fresh perspective on life.

9. Law of Sacrifice

According to the Abraham Lincoln effect: The inch of discomfort that leads to a mile of bliss.

Sacrifice doesn’t mean that we are losing something.

On the contrary, when we sacrifice something for today, we gain something for tomorrow.

For something to grow, we need to sacrifice the comfort of the now to water it and see it grow.

Muscles do not grow unless there is pain involved and cells are broken down so it can be rebuilt.

After all, we reap what we sow.

10. Law of Obedience

The Law of Obedience is the ability to follow the universal laws in the world.

Following the man-made laws of the land, you will be rewarded for obeying the authorities.

Likewise, if we plant thoughts of worry, we will wind up reaping more and more worries.

If we plant thoughts of joy and peace, we will be happy.

Whatever you obey will serve you in the end.

11. Law of Success

Thomas Edison did not fail 10,000 times, he found 10,000 ways on how not to make something work.

What he did was he applied the Law of Success to the letter.

Often times, we view success and failure as opposites, but in reality they are both two sides of the same coin.

In order to succeed big at something, you might need to go through many different ‘failures’, but what is really happening is that these failures are leading you back on the correct course.

The universe is always ‘self-correcting’ and it will correct you to reach your destination in the end as you obey the Law of Success.

People tend to associate making a lot of money with being successful.

But once again, being truly wealthy or successful depends on how you are following the natural laws when it comes to money or success.

You can’t fight against the laws.

Break the law and there will be repercussions.

But when you obey the natural laws of the universe, success will follow.