How Prison Systems Differ In Different Countries

Do you believe that people deserve a second chance?

Do you believe that if you did something wrong, you deserve a second chance?

If you believe that you do, then so do other people.

All we need to do is take a closer look at the different prison systems in the world.

prisonIn American prisons, people are cruelly treated like animals until the judge determines that you are not guilty or you have served your time.

If you have watched the series ‘Prison Break’, you will find that this kind of prison system creates a lot of interesting dramas.

However, it doesn’t really help facilitate the conditions of rehabilitation.

In Norway on the other hand, inmates are given access to 3 functioning living cells, workshops, working areas and multiple healthcare professionals.

The difference is stark and visible.

The Norwegian prison philosophy is that these people will be released back into society. What is the point of having angry, unrepentant people who will only find their way back into prison again?

Prisoners are still people after all.

In America, 76.6% of released inmates are re-arrested within 5 years of their release compared to 20% in Norway – one of the lowest in the world.

Why is this the case?

Is it so hard for us to imagine that people deserve a second chance?

There are many prison systems in America who run prisons for profit. That is a contributing cause to the prison problems.

Let us not forget…┬áThe human brain is capable of change. Nurture can beat nature.

If an inmate is given the right conditions to rehabilitate, it will increase their chances for believing in the good in themselves again.