One Minute Required To End Racism

Humanity has and always has been one human race.

The idea that a person is fundamentally different from another due to the amount of pigment of their skin is as extreme and as atrocious as the Nazi propaganda of having a ‘pure Aryan’ race.

no-to-racismAn experiment was done on cadavers and when their bodies were dissected it revealed that all the organs are exactly the same no matter what race they were. Even between men and women, there were very little differences.

Underneath it all, everyone is the same race – the human race.

The question arises, “Why is there so much racism in the world?”

“Why do people hate other people based upon the color of their skin?”

It is because hate was taught to a person.

And that hate was taught due to ignorance.

Ignorant people might not know that they ignorant propagating ignorant and meaningless ideas.

And the idea of racism, believing that one race is superior to another is built upon a lie.

Racist societies has never worked and nobody is born a racist – they are taught how to be a racist.

The lesson here is, no one should ever derive their self worth or judge their intelligence based on the color of their skin.

It is time to raise the awareness for one human race living in the same world.