Why Aren’t There Many Aliens Spotted Throughout History?

If you watch movies such as Independence Day or War of the Worlds, you can make a comparison in real life that we don’t always encounter aliens on a massive scale like those movies.

The mystery goes unanswered – why haven’t we discovered aliens in those movies?

What do these aliens look like?

Why would they want to come to earth?

What is their intent?

There could be many theories:

  • intelligent_lifeAccording to Star Trek, the prime directive states that explorers must never reveal themselves to aliens or planets who haven’t discovered pre-warp technology. Pre-warp planets are unable to travel out into other galaxies without warp travel. By revealing advanced technology to pre-warp planets (such as our planet earth), it could disrupt the trajectory of our planet’s future – especially if we have to discover warp technology ourselves. Perhaps we aren’t intelligent enough for the aliens to reveal themselves?
  • Distance is a key factor. The universe is super huge – for aliens to find us, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack – no wonder we haven’t discovered aliens yet – they are still trying to reach us (at best).
  • Government interference – it could be that the establishment would like to prevent mass panic by locking up all traces of intelligent life.
  • We exist in the wrong time. According to the video above, we are too ‘early’ in terms of time as smaller star systems might not burn up so quickly so that it has enough time for us to evolve into intelligent life. Billions of years might pass and who knows? We could be the said aliens who are looking for other lifeforms.

With this information, we can understand a few things.

There’s a story about the Native Americans who cannot see the Spanish ships.

Because Native Americans are not accustomed to seeing large ships, they couldn’t ‘see’ what was on the horizon.

Regardless of whether the Native Americans could see the physical ships or perceive a reality of such ships teaches us one thing about how humans might be perceiving aliens:

We keep thinking that Aliens ‘should’ have a form, maybe even a human form.

But what if Aliens have transcended form and is just pure energy?

It is like making god in man’s image.

We can’t fathom the idea of a ‘god’, so our feeble minds try and fit god into the parameters of a human mind.

And we might be doing the same thing to aliens.

There is one thing we can take note of.

The human race is considered to be a relatively young species.

According to the cosmic calendar by Carl Sagan, he has a model to help people visualize the chronology of the universe, scaling its current age of 13.8 billion years to a single year in order to help intuit it for pedagogical purposes in science education or popular science.

Mapping from the Big Bang at the beginning of the Cosmic Calendar all the way to the end, Humans only appear on the last day of the year and modern history only occupies the last second of the entire calendar.

That shows that humanity lots of room for improvement in order to transcend as a species.

Perhaps one day we’ll be advanced enough to meet aliens on their ground.