Can Someone Force Reality To Match Their Thoughts And Desires?

People say that our thoughts create our realities and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to manifestation.

According to Stephen Covey – author of the highly acclaimed 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, all things are created twice – once in the mental sphere (the mind) and the 2nd time, in the physical realm (reality).

Manifestation always begins in the mind. When your mind is abundant with creative force, you will have the ability to manifest anything you want in this world.

Our thoughts create the things that we want to manifest but they have yet to materialize. They are simply like an embryo – it is there but it isn’t born yet.

Take a look at the laws of physics – energy cannot be created and neither can it be destroyed. All energy does is simply changing from one form into another. Since our thoughts are energy based, learning how to use your thoughts will convert ‘thought energy’ into manifesting your desired outcome.

Beliefs Influence Our Thoughts And Manifest Realities

You can even see how this plays out on a psychological level as well because our beliefs affect our mind and as a consequence, the very things we manifest (regardless if we like it or not).

For example, if you believe that someone has a level of animosity against you, your mind will follow it’s cue and look for evidence to see if that person truly dislikes you.

You will eventually start to react differently when dealing with such a person because you are guarded and all your mind is trying to do is protect you. Your behavior will appear hostile to the other party and as a result they will truly start to dislike you! And that can happen even if that person didn’t dislike you in the first place!

Call it a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ if you may but our thoughts really do create our desirable or undesirable predicaments.

Kindergarten teacher and children looking at globe in libraryHere is another case study done in a school:
There was a smart class and there was an average class.

The researchers told the teachers that one class was smart and the other was filled with naughty students who were lazy and good for nothing.

The teachers who were informed about their classes beforehand started treating the kids based on the belief that was fed to them.

But here’s the bizarre part.
The teaches were misinformed!

The teachers were led to believe that the average class was actually the smart class and the smart class was actually the naughty class.

As a result, the average class became filled with straight A’s students and the smart class became the lowest performing class of the semester.

What we think in our minds truly have the power to change our reality and manifest miracles.

How NOT To Make Manifestation Work For You

One of the ways to truly understand what manifestation is about is to understand what manifestation is not.

Here are some common pitfalls people make and you will learn how to avoid these mistakes when it comes to making manifestation not work for you.

1. Manifestation is not about hard work

If you think that manifestation is all about focusing on hard work, then that is all you are ever going to get. What you focus on expands and when you focus on hard work, all you are ever going to get is more hard work.

Hard work is like being the fastest cyclist in the world. Even if you had the physique of Captain America and the best mountain bike made of the finest metals and the most well oiled gears, you can never peddle faster than the worst junk car in the world.

Hard work is like the cyclist. Manifestation is about the fast track. What this means in a practical way is that it is good to leverage on resources around you and work smart.

2. Manifestation is not about wishful thinking

I must clarify one thing about manifestation. It is effects of manifestation may seem magical, but there’s no magic in wishful thinking. Wishful thinking has no place in the world of manifestation because wishful thinkers are not truly manifesting. They live life in a bubble thinking that things are going to happen without proactive action.

Manifestation is proactive in the mind and in the body. If you do not take action while trusting the universe to give you what you intend, then you are wasting your time.

3. Manifestation is not about hoping

Did you know that hope is a poor man’s version of manifestation? Hope is basically saying that they ‘kinda’ believe in it but have very little inner knowing or conviction that they will get what they want.

It’s like a man who is getting married ‘hoping’ that he will be a faithful husband or a child ‘hoping’ that her parents will love him.

Hope has no place in the world of manifestation because it does work – your job is to know on a very deep level that it does work and it will only not work when you don’t believe in it.

4. Manifestation is not about ‘testing’ the universe

Another very bad idea about manifestation is the belief that the universe puts us in some kind of test as well as the idea of testing if this manifestation thing really will work for me.

The universe doesn’t test us and neither should we test the universe because what we feel about the universe is basically a mirror reflection of the state of our minds. If you think the universe is playing around with you or testing you, you are basically testing yourself.

5. Manifestation is not about luck

Lastly, manifestation is not about getting lucky. People believe that the ‘lucky ones’ are at the right place at the right time. But they forget that they have to be the right person at the right place and the right time.

Being the right person is all about being prepared, with strong intentions for your dreams and goals and the inner knowing that you will do whatever it takes to manifest your reality. Once you have all these, the universe will bend over backwards just to help you.

Using Your Mind To Manifest What You Want

Since you understand how powerful thoughts are, imagine if you have the power of a magician and you have the power to manifest anything out of thin air. What would you wish for?

Do not put any limits on your imagination nor your ability to manifest something. It is like the Bradley Cooper movie called ‘Limitless’ without the crazy pill.

It doesn’t matter if you are able to access 100% of your brain or not – it is all about using any percentage of your brain to manifest what you truly want.

The power of Manifestation is all about using the power of your mind to force the universe to give you the kind of life you are longing for.

Manifestation taps into the mind frequencies you have like Neo of the Matrix uses his mind to bend reality.

But we are not talking about jumping over tall buildings in a single leap like in the movies – what is practical and scientific is that our mind and our thoughts create the very environment from our energy. In other words, you are on a co-creation partnership with the universe to create your dream life.

Practical Steps To Manifesting Your Dream Life

Now that you have an idea of how not to practice manifestation, let’s look at how you can manifest your dream life using the power of your mind:

  • Set an intention in your mind – create your desired outcome vividly
  • Close your eyes and in your mind’s eye – describe what you see
  • Are there any sounds that you hear?
  • Who are you with when you imagine that desired outcome?
  • When will you manifest this?
  • Where is that location? Do you have a place? An address?
  • Once you have manifested it, look for signs in the universe that may indicate a stepping stone for you

Once you are very clear what you want in life, you will begin to find new ways to manifest more things into your life.

Your mind is truly limitless.

You can create any reality you want if you are willing to let go of your limiting beliefs.

We all have limiting beliefs that conditioned our minds as we are growing up.

Limiting beliefs that block our abundance energies.

So once you can think with abundance, then reality will start pouring great new opportunities and resources.