Using The Power Of Your Mind To Get Anything You Want In Life

There are two types of people who use their minds to get what they want in life.

  • People who use their minds to get what they WANT
  • And people who use their minds to get away from what they DON’T WANT

The mind is the greatest tool to create any reality we want – we just need to learn how to use it the right way.

That is why before the ‘how-to’ comes about, it always begins with the WHY.

Our ‘why’ creates focus.

Therefore, intention is a product of our thoughts.

With intent, comes the power of focus.

Intent is the starting point of every action – whether it is big or small. Because behind every intention is a creative force that helps us create what we want like money, success, relationships, love, power, happiness, inner peace and spiritual awakenings.

Intentions arise from our deepest desires and our core motivations. Intentions are also created by a field of infinite energy within the mind.

In other words, our life path is forged by our deepest desires.

The process of using our intention is a 3 step process.

  1. When you set an intention, determine how badly you want something.
    The intensity of your emotion makes your intention stronger and stronger.
  2. If intentions are the why, then mechanics are the how.
    When your intention is very strong, it will help you to create powerful mechanics to turn your intentions into a reality.
  3.  Mechanics lead to outcomes. 
    Outcomes are the results of the flawless execution of our mechanics.

There Are Two Types Of Intentions

  • Towards-to intentions
  • Away-from intentions

Towards-to intentions are focused upon something you want while away-from intentions are focused on getting away or avoiding from something you do not want.

The key is to have towards-to intentions so that you will have clarity. Towards-to intentions focuses on getting, achieving, gaining and attending to a matter.

Away-from intentions are normally based on fear. They include avoiding, excluding and recognizing problems.

The frequencies of our thoughts doesn’t distinguish between towards-to and away-from intentions. They all look the same from the standpoint of the mind as your mind will manifest what you focus your attention upon (because what you focus on expands). Therefore it is very important to go towards-to a goal that you want.

Bear in mind that away-from goals are not necessarily bad, it is very helpful if you are trying to run away from a fire or if you are close to bankruptcy and need that extra push to get out of a dire financial situation. In short, having a strong away-from intention is better than having weak intentions at all!

The Motivation Behind Intentions

Motivation increases as you get closer

The more you are able to focus your thoughts on ‘towards-to’ goals, it will strengthen your mind to focus on the positives, increasing your desires for your dreams and help you to have a good goal to walk towards.

The energy of towards-to goals is uplifting and exciting. It’s something like a child waiting forward for the weekend to go on a fun-fare that they cannot sleep. They are counting the days towards that exciting event.


Motivation decreases as you move further away from a goal

Away from goals makes you lose motivation as you go further and further away from it. If you are being chased by a tiger, the more distance you put between you and the tiger, the safer you will feel and you will be less motivated to run away.

A good example would be – losing weight because people call you fat. You are motivated to move ‘away from’ the  criticism. As you grow thinner, you lose the motivation because people no longer call you fat. Then you might start to gain weight again because you slacked off.

But when you are using a towards to goal, it brings you closer and closer to the finish line.
Would you run faster when you are closer to a finish line? Of course! Because you are closer and closer to your destination.

Here’s an example on how to set your towards to goals:

  • Focus on the positives only. Do not use double negatives like ‘don’t want to be broke’.
  • Visualize yourself seeing, feeling, tasting and being with the people you want to be there with
  • Draw or print a picture of your goal and put it on your wall so you remind yourself each day
  • Have positive people around you to encourage you to push harder and harder for it

5 steps On How To Amplify Your Intentions

1.  Develop a practice of mindfulness

The world is a very busy place. Intentions can get really cluttered and fuzzy if we are not careful. If you are able to silence the clutter in the mind, you will be able to create crystal clear intentions to handle life. One very powerful technique you can use is meditation.

2.  Create the space for your intentions and desires

When your head is clear, you can create your intentions and let them sink into your subconscious mind. After a meditation session, you will be able to create a space of restful awareness and when you set your intention, you don’t need to force yourself to remember it as it is already in your subconscious mind – don’t use your conscious mind too much, let the subconscious do all the heavy lifting.

3.  Be centered while remembering your intention throughout the day

Your intentions are stronger when you are in a positive and abundant frame of mind. If your intention arises from a lack or need (like paying debts, avoiding loneliness, doing enough work so your boss will not fire you etc), you will create negative energy that will not be conducive to help your intentions.

4.  Don’t force the results

Sometimes we can be really attached to our results. We may feel uncertain that our intentions are not materializing. Learn to let them go because fear, anxiety and insecurities only put negative intentions into your subconscious mind. Realizing that a good intention is already in your subconscious mind, you do not need to worry because results will come from your actions naturally.

5.  Leave the outcome in the hands of the universe

In quantum physics, your intentions sends out frequencies that aligns the universe for your desired outcome. It is important to let things go – human control is only a limited form of control. By relinquishing control to the universe, you are still in charge. You are simply working with the universe and allowing it to lay out the steps (mechanics) to create your desired outcome.

Mastering Intentions For Your Desired Goals

The practice of strengthening your intentions will bring you very far as far as achieving your desired goals or building your dream life is concerned.

Tools like hypnotherapy have the power to give you clarity and strengthen your intentions for manifesting your goals.

Day by day as you want something more and more with greater intensity and clarity, you will find it easier to get what you want.

Everything all begins with intention and the ability to get what you want all depends on how badly you want something.