How To Supercharge Your Memory With Simple Techniques [Part 3 of 3]


This is the third and final part in this brainpower series!

Probably you’ve heard about the saying that you can’t teach old dog new tricks.

But, when it comes to your brain, experts discovered that this old saying is not true.

In fact, the human brain has an incredible ability to adapt and change – it is called neuroplasticity. 

That being said, it is possible for human beings to form new neural pathways, change existing connections as well as adopt and adjust in ever-changing ways.

You can harness your natural ability to improve your cognitive abilities, enhancing your memory and learning new skills. Talking about your capacity for learning new skills, the computers are our closest analog when we start the discussion on the human brain.

When neurologists talk about the processing speed of the brain, they are talking about the rate at which a person can take in new information, make a judgment about it and formulate a proper response.

While basing our argument on this simple definition, we can see that the key to bettering our processing speed, and in essence accelerating our brain power, is in making stronger connections with the brain which will allow brain signals to travel at higher speeds. Most of this hardwiring is done when we are still young. Nevertheless, you can still take action now to sustain and improve your brainpower.

You must have heard about the 10% brain myth. If you haven’t, this is a widely perpetuated myth that most people only use 10 percent or a smaller percentage of their brains. It suggests that a person can then use this unused potential and increase their intelligence.

Changes in white and grey matter following learning and new experience have been shown but none proves what these changes are. It is a popular notion that large parts of the brain remain unused and could then be activated for higher brainpower. Though there are mysteries about brain function, the physiology of the brain mapping shows that all the parts of a brain have a function.

There are many theories and mysteries regarding increasing brainpower and whether, indeed, this is possible. We seek to demystify this with factual information that you can rely on.

This is very interesting and of course interesting times when people become more and more intelligent. Brain power is your core strength and therefore it deserves to be taken care of and enhanced. To enhance brain power, this free resource Brain Power Accelerator can greatly help in keeping your brain prowess to its optimum where you master new skills easily, forget less and retain more of what you learn.

Do you wish to supercharge your memory, learn faster, and increase your overall potential?

Now that you are familiar with the 4 key components of a good brain-boosting exercises, here are 10 habits that can help you enhance your brainpower.

Utilize these brain boosters to build your intellectual prowess. Speedier learning, better memory, sharper reasoning, out-of-the-box critical thinking, more proficiency and profitability and upgraded inventiveness… start thinking like a great thinker.

Expanding your intellectual prowess is simpler than you might think. The thoughts below are fun, they keep life fascinating, and best of everything: they don’t take much of your time.

  1. Drink Lots of Water

Getting enough water in your body is super critical since your mind is around 80% water. It won’t work also in case you’re got dehydrated. So make a point to continue drinking water throughout the day, no less than 8 6-ounce glasses.

It’s a smart thought to drink organic products or vegetable juices. Polyphenols, which are the cancer prevention agents in leafy foods, can help shield mind cells from harm and keep your brain at their best.

  1. Consume Food That Improves Your Brain

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that nourishment has a huge influence on your mental well-being. You need to center around getting the correct form of nourishment. Cancer prevention agents and amino acids are especially vital, and vitamin E is valuable.

Drinking wine is known to enhance your psychological capacity – providing you expend it with some restraint – and nuts, blueberries, entire grains, and avocados are likewise useful. What’s useful for your body additionally has a tendency to be useful for your brain.

There are loads of various foods that can help support your mental ability. On the other hand, a few nourishments — foods high in sugar and refined starches, ” low-quality nourishment” and soda can dull brainpower and make you slow.

Eat foods that are high in omega-3 unsaturated fats like walnuts and salmon (despite the fact that eat this sparingly as a result of the likelihood of a higher mercury content), ground flaxseed, winter squash, kidney and pinto beans, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and soybeans. Omega-3 unsaturated fats enhance blood circulation and boost the functionality of neurotransmitters, which enable your brain to process and think.

Foods high in magnesium are critical, (for example, chickpeas or garbanzo beans) since they help with information transmission in your brain.

Researchers have connected an eating routine higher in blueberries with speedier learning, better reasoning, and better memory retention.

Choline, which is found in vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, can possibly help with the development of new brain cells, and also boost knowledge longer in mature people.

Complex carbohydrates give your brain and body vitality over a more extended time frame. Try eating foods like whole wheat bread, brown rice, oats, high-fiber grain, and lentils.

  1. Read a Book a Week

As indicated by an investigation done by the University of Sussex, perusing can diminish feelings of anxiety by 68 percent. Feelings of anxiety and heart rates were observed while experimenting with an assortment of unwinding techniques, for example, tuning in to music, going for a walk, and having some tea — however perusing was the most grounded strategy in helping the brain and body unwind. So next time you get back home from a long, distressing day at work, get a book and get lost in it for a couple of hours.

Consider perusing all the more regularly. Reading exercises improves the memory muscles in your brain. This happens in light of the fact that perusing drives us to be cautious, focus, recollect little points of interest, and take after along a series of words for a considerable length of time at any given moment. So get your reading exercise on, and enhance your memory ability.

  1. Exercise

We realize that we ought to get regular exercise. Physical exercise can do things like improving the oxygen stream to your mind, which will enable it to better process and capacity. It likewise discharges synthetics that upgrade your general inclination, and also secure your brain cells. Researchers have discovered that practicing really helps start the creation of more neurons in the cerebrum.

Dance and martial arts are great approaches to support your intellectual competence since they empower a wide assortment of brain functions, including coordination, organization, planning, and judgment. You’re moving your body (and different parts of it, as well) in sync with the music.

Exercise not just advantages your mental wellbeing and intelligence, it can likewise enhance your memory. Over the long haul, it can even protect your mind against degeneration.

  1. Drink Hot Tea

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that drinking at least some green tea every day can bring down the likelihood of mental trouble by as much as 20%. It can likewise give you a decent lift, similar to caffeine, to help keep your mind going throughout the day.

Not only does green tea help, you may benefit from having regular hot tea. Make a cup of tea for yourself and savor every gulp as you improve your memory. 

  1. Write Your Feelings with Your Opposite Hand

Work on being able to use both hands. Brush your hair, compose, utilize the mouse and eat/drink with the “wrong” hand. Studies show that ambidexterity helps with brain power, so get your wrong hand working to activate both sides of the brain.

  1. Meditate

Stress clouds your reasoning, so alleviate worry with reflection. It’s simple! Put on your earphones, squeeze PLAY on your Omharmonics reflection music download, and let the innovation place you in a thoughtful state.

Taking 10 to 15 minutes out of your day to contemplate could expand your lifespan and enable you to diminish your general feelings of anxiety as well.

Find a place to sit quietly, even for 15 minutes. Just focus on your relaxing. Say to yourself as you inhale “breathe in, breathe out.” Whenever you find your mind meandering, delicately step it back to concentrating on your breath. As you show signs of improvement at pondering, see what is happening around you, feel the sun all over, see the sound of the winged creatures and the cars outside.

You can also do mind exercises — when you’re having a shower, center around the vibe of the water, the scent of your cleanser, and so forth. This will help keep your mind mindful and help fortify your care to the occasion.

  1. Sleep Continuously For Complete 7-8hrs

Rest is required to solidify memory and learning. In the event that you don’t get enough rest, your gray matter volume in your frontal lobe may start to diminish. Your frontal lobe controls and supports your working memory and additionally official capacity, making it very important.

When you aren’t getting enough rest, everything that your mind does is declined as a result of it. So innovativeness, considering, intellectual working, critical thinking, memory, all these are fixing to getting enough rest. Rest is particularly essential for memory capacities, so ensure you’re getting to the more profound phases of rest to consider memory handling.

Turn off appliances no less than 30 minutes before going to bed. That implies mobile phones, PC, iPod, and so on. Generally, your mind will be over-animated as you’re endeavoring to rest and you’ll not have any trouble nodding off and getting to the vital phases of rest. For grown-ups, it is best to get no less than 8 hours of rest.

  1. Gain some new skill

Gaining some skills gives your brain an exercise similarly that you would complete a physical exercise to build your quality and perseverance.

Learning a new language animates various parts of your mind and helps make new neuro pathways. It requires mental exertion and will help extend your insight base.

You could take up cooking, or sewing, or learn to play an instrument or juggling. For whatever length of time that you’re having a good time and adopting new things your brain will be more joyful and capacity better!

Satisfaction is an imperative piece of learning and keeping up your brain’s well-being and boosting its capacity. On the off chance that you like what you’re doing there is a greater probability that you’ll keep on being engaged and to learn.

10       Fix stuff

When something is broken, find inventive repair solutions utilizing basic articles. Manage with what you have; make repairs with odd things and resourcefulness.

You see, the skill of teaching your brain to learn faster and remember better is considered to be the mother of all skills.

Tools like Superbrain can help you enhance your intellectual competence and give your life a total makeover.

Day by day as you want something more and more with the greater intensity it would help to have a strong and faster brain that can help you learn faster, master new skills and remember things better.

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