Higher Living 

higher-livingHow does humanity raise their standard of living? Why is it that technology has reached it’s precipice, and yet millions of people are operating by default – unaware of the dangers of living unconsciously.

Higher living is more than just personal development or self-empowerment – it is about being aware of the paradigms that guides and motivates us and recognizing how we are driven by our motivations.

Because our thoughts are made up of neurons which fires out with every thought we think, it impacts the very atoms of the world around us. They no longer call it luck or coincidence, because the synchronicity of events happening one after another is no luck indeed.

People who are adept at higher living, do not live life by default but by design. They are able to meticulously ‘hack’ their reality and bend it to their advantage.

This section is all about recognizing efficient frameworks of living life more and more efficiently where life hacks, practical philosophy and reprogramming your mind comes together.

By understanding how we can properly channel our thoughts towards constructive endeavors, it will enable us to live on higher principles and break free from the pre-conditioned rules we were thought about how we should live our lives.

Mastering your mind will allow you to have the control over bending reality and allow you to shape the world around you like never before.