Are Light And Darkness Both Sides Of The Same Coin?


Have you ever felt that you had to do something ‘bad’ and regretted it when your conscience was gnawing away at your heart?

If you had ever rejected giving some spare change to a beggar, you might know that feeling.

Sometimes, a businessman might regret the cruel decisions he has made laying off people before Christmas in order to keep his company alive.

Feelings arise as thoughts flare up wondering if doing something bad wouldn’t matter if it is done for the greater good, or by occasionally showing some acts of kindness gives some humanity to a persona that requires ruthlessness as a value in life.

But what if I were to tell you that good and evil, or light and darkness are actually both sides of the same coin? That it’s all part of living in a dualistic world.

The idea of good and evil or light and darkness polarizes humanity – and why this is true, because nobody would generally consider an animal to be good or evil. It doesn’t exist in the animal kingdom as it operates by instinct.

Polarity is also a much discussed topic in society and in fiction.

We see it everywhere in our movies and novels where good triumphs over evil.

We also see it in politics where some people believe certain politicians are heroes or a spawn from hell.

But in the real world, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to what really is:

  • Good versus evil
  • Light versus darkness

So how does this concerns you?


The mind only perceives whatever we give meaning to it.

The mind often fantasies meaning given to our mundane lives to make us feel motivated and driven to create something in the world.

Some people however, lose their way and feels that life is meaningless, and that is when they start to question whether their actions in life are ‘good’ or ‘evil’.

A person who faces a crisis in their conscience on whether the mission of their life is classified as ‘light’ or ‘darkness’ but in reality, both are opposite sides of the same coin.

To illustrate a clear example:

In war, there are really no ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’.
No side will ever know or acknowledge that they are the bad guys.
They will always, honestly believe that whatever they do is for the greater good!
Not Stalin, not Hitler, and certainly not the rest of the allies.
If Stalin is using fear but is on the team of ‘light’ (allies) does that make him ‘light’ or ‘dark’?
And didn’t the consequences of the World Wars raise the consciousness of the planet in spite of the tragedies?
Wouldn’t Hitler be doing the world a favor?

A child who constantly got chastised and beaten up by a parent will see that parent as evil.
But in the mind of the parent, they are doing it for the good of the child.
On the same token, a child who grows up spoilt blames the parent for the ‘evil’ of not teaching them the value of discipline…
But in the mind of the parent, they are doing good by not spanking the wayward child.

In short, polarities of light and darkness doesn’t make sense – what makes sense is only a person’s meaning and purpose.

So if you feel that you are stuck in a job where people are selfish, the company makes ‘unethical’ decisions and the moral compass of the company’s direction is corrupting your soul, it is not because of a polarity issue but because you do not believe in what you are doing.

People in these situations live life like sort of a mid-life crisis because they are feeling lost and disempowered.

They start looking for solutions or situations that is ‘outside’ of them that will either force them to get as a result of the fear or losing something or hoping to find something truly meaningful that might somehow inspire them to take action and be driven to leave a legacy.

Whatever the direction they are moving away from or towards to, ultimately the answers can only be found from the inside.

Only then we can learn how to see beyond duality and do what we are called for in the moment.

Find your meaning and your purpose, and your ideas about whether you are ‘good’ or ‘evil’ will fade away.

From The Editor

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