Why Anchors Are The Key To Human Behavioral Breakthrough

Do you know what an anchor is?

In the study of the human mind and consciousness, anchoring is a very powerful mind-body association technique.

Because mind/body/spirit are all one, a shift in one area can cause a shift in every other.

This is true when you experience emotional highs and lows.

When you have done a great job and someone pats you on the back, often times you can recall that good feeling again when someone pats you there even though you’ve done nothing.

Likewise, when a child is punished by a parent and is hit on the hand while the parent is calling the child ‘stupid’, the next time his hand is hit triggers feelings of stupidity again.

The ‘5 Monkeys’ Experiment Based On Anchoring

A very interesting scientific experiment where scientists train anchoring with 5 monkeys.

5monkeys5 monkeys were put in a cage.

On top of a ladder was a banana.

When a monkey climbs one of the ladders to get the banana, the rest of the monkeys were bathed in freezing cold water.

This was repeated several times.

The next time a monkey climbs the ladder, the other monkeys who have experienced the pain of cold water beats up the monkey to prevent a similar fate.

Very soon, none of the monkeys dared to climb the ladder.

Soon, the scientists switched out one monkey at a time.

The new monkey will obviously climb the ladder for the banana and the beatings will start.

Then another new monkey came in to do the same thing. The previous monkey which has never been dunked in cold water before saw the others beating the latest monkey up but couldn’t understand why it happened so he joined the crowd in the fight.

Eventually all the original monkeys were replaced.

Though none of them were doused in cold water, they would just automatically beat up the monkey on the ladder for no apparent reason at all!

This is the power of anchoring!

Anchoring trains us and it sticks forever.

How Anchors Can Benefit Us

Anchoring has the ability to shift our focus from an undesired state to a desirable state in an instant.

You could be very sad in one moment and the moment you fire your anchor, it could put you in a happier mood right away.

Athletes use this during training because they can fire the anchor of a ‘winning state’ to overpower their opponents.

If you having stage fright and you are about to give a speech, you can fire an anchor that will give you much more confidence.

Even spiritual practitioners chant mantras to activate an enlightened state as they focus on an ascended master.

How To Install An Anchor

If monkeys can be trained, what more humans with an advanced mind?

Installing anchors is all about deciding what you want to change and what is your desired outcome.


Here are the steps:

  1. Decide on the feeling that you want to anchor in yourself. e.g. being happier.
  2. Choose an anchor (or anchors) in your body to remind you of it. e.g. crossing your fingers or holding your heart.
  3. Think of the time that you feel the happiest you’ve ever been in your past.
  4. When you are at your peak of your emotion, fire off the anchor by doing the motion on your body.
  5. As the feeling subsides, you may release the anchor
  6. Distract yourself by opening your eyes and doing something else.
  7. Keep doing it over and over again so you can strengthen your anchor.
  8. Now activate your anchor and see if you can get that feeling instantly.
  9. Keep it up on the next day and the day after to see if it is permanently installed.

Using Anchoring To Master Your Life

In order to make the most of anchoring, you can fire off anchors in really difficult situations.

For example, installing an anchor for courage and confidence will be very useful when you are doing public speaking for the first time (or if you haven’t done one in a long time).

You can call for courage at any time even in the most desperate situations when you feel that it is almost impossible to shift your emotional state.

Install as many anchors as you can, and you will be able to live an empowered and abundant life at any time.