Life And Death Is In The Power Of The Tongue

Do you know what’s the secret to success and happiness?

It’s the words you tell yourself.

Words have the power to heal just as it has the power to kill because life and death is in the power of the tongue.

Perhaps you have also heard about the power of the spoken word.

Words are immensely powerful indeed because they can transform – and this is the power of affirmations.

So what is an affirmation?

According to the dictionary, ‘affirmation’ is defined as emotional support or encouragement but it is much more than that – it is a very powerful tool for changing your subconscious mind with your words.

Why affirmations work so well is because the power of the spoken word is activated and our very thoughts tune into the frequencies of the words we use on ourselves.

Words are so powerful that in religious many religious texts such as the bible or the Quran, people believe that god spoke and the world came into existence.

Other parts of the good book says that the tongue is but a small part of the body but it can cause immeasurable hurt if used in a destructive manner which signifies how powerfully words can impact someone or something.

The Vibration Of Words

In quantum physics, a word uttered carries vibration and that vibration can impact us in many forms:

– Visual as our words gives us an image in our mind
– Auditory as we hear the words out loud and associate it with a desired state or outcome
– Kinesthetic as we feel the words and associate it with a memory or a goal

Another good example of how words can impact a person’s body is when someone puts their hand on their heart and recites affirmations, they will tend to feel it even more.

Power follows our thoughts as well as the very words we utter. Therefore, if we were raised in a negative environment, and all we hear are negative words, our thoughts will be negative and it will influence the way we think.

How Affirmations Affect Our Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the most powerful element when it comes to programming our thoughts with words.

Negative words repeated over a long period of time sits in deep into the subconscious mind. We may not notice it, but it gets deeper and deeper to the point that we subconsciously believe that to be true even if our conscious mind doesn’t agree with it.

A good example of the conflict between the conscious and the subconscious can look something like this:

Conscious mind says, “I will be rich and wealthy one day.”
Subconscious mind says, “Rich people are all greedy and cheat others.”

So unless you are consciously identified with being a greedy charlatan, you are fighting a losing battle because your conscious mind cannot reconcile with your subconscious beliefs of being rich/wealthy and greedy/cheating others at the same time.

It is incongruent – and the subconscious mind will win because we only use 10% of the conscious mind.

Using Affirmations To Create New Positive Subconscious Programming

The subconscious mind needs to have new beliefs installed – otherwise the words we say to ourselves will have no effect.

The first step towards having permanent positive change is to realize that most of our limiting beliefs are already deeply rooted in our subconscious mind.

It is our subconscious mind that needs to be ‘convinced’. Without the cooperation of the subconscious mind, nothing we do on a conscious level will bypass the B.S. detector of the subconscious mind.

Positive affirmations can undo the poisonous effect because our thoughts believe whatever we feed them with.

We also have to be realistic as well. We cannot expect that by just saying a few words into the mirror will create instant change. After all limiting beliefs were deeply entrenched within our mind and it was installed over a period of years it would be unrealistic to expect change to happen overnight, right?

But if you can install beliefs that are congruent with both conscious and subconscious, change can happen quicker and you don’t have to wait years to install new beliefs with affirmations.

Like how eating healthy food and regular exercise help our physical health over a long period of time, the same applies to affirmations and our mental health. It is a habit that yields benefits as time goes on.

How To Write Affirmations And Use Them Effectively

To begin writing your affirmations and changing the thought process in your mind, you must:

  1. Have a clear Intention of the things you want or the kind of person you want to be
  2. Write a script of at least 5 lines deciding the kind of person that you want to be in the positive and in the now
  3. Proclaim these words in front of the mirror and speak it out loud 5 minutes each day

Here are some good examples of powerful affirmations:

  • Every day in every way, I’m getting better and and better
  • I make a thousand dollars a day
  • I have a fit body
  • I create my own destiny
  • I enjoy what I do and I do what I love

Ultimately, remember that you have to believe that personal change is possible and to be supportive to your subconscious mind in every way. At the end of the day, when you accept the fact that every day in every way, you are getting better and better, half the battle is won already.

So start by creating your affirmations today.

1. ___________________________________

2. ___________________________________

3. ___________________________________

4. ___________________________________

5. ___________________________________

Write them down because writing makes it more impactful!

Creating Masterful Affirmations That Work

The subconscious mind is not a fool – ‘convincing’ your subconscious mind to have new programming requires your affirmations to be believable.

For example when people say words flippantly in front of a mirror like, “I am a millionaire!”, the subconscious mind might go, “Oh yeah? You can’t even pay your rent this month!”

Reality check: your affirmations must be reasonable and logically achievable for the subconscious mind to accept the new programming. So set realistic affirmations.

Realistic affirmations must also anticipate negative consequences as a reality. This is one area that a lot of people who practice affirmations sweep under the carpet.

For example: if you become a millionaire, some of your friends might want to borrow money from you. You might need to hire an accountant to manage your money. You have to deal with taxes.

Another example: If you find your soul mate, there are bound to be things you will not like about him or her. Nobody is perfect, but how will you handle differences perfectly well?

There are no such things as having no negativity in this world and therefore, with everything that you get, you have to deal with all the positive and negative that comes with it.

The subconscious mind is a tricky thing – so if you imagine a utopia without problems (Having lots of money without the responsibility of managing money, living happily ever after with your prince/princess without problems, living in your dream home without having to go through the buying process… etc), your subconscious mind will reject your affirmation.

So as you speak your affirmations and visualize your desired outcome, you have to be as realistic as possible.

See the whole picture like a movie – remember that movies are 50% sound and 50% image to be realistic.

Before you know it, you’ll have the ability to manifest crazy coincidences.

At the end of the day, the most important thing about realistic affirmations is how you perceive it’s believability as well as taking action towards your goals – for without action, it will be rendered unbelievable as well.